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Orphanage:  Assistance for providing   quality education/better facilities to orphans:
The schools in India have reopened after the summer vacation and the new academic year has just begun.  We are getting requests from several new orphans for sponsoring them for their education.  We are thankful to the Orphans and Widows Ministry for the present support for 20 orphans and 10 widows in India.  We want to extend support for more orphans and widows in the growing number of congregation across India.  Our aim is to extend support another 30 orphans and 10 more widows.
Church Building Funds:
Please extend your generous financial support for the construction/repair/reconstruction of the following churches in India.


Reconstruction of the church in the tribal area of Ramanakkapet village, Janagareddygudem.  This church was visited by Elder Calvin Burrell and Brother Bryan Cleeton.  The existing church is very small and was built by mud and thatched roof.  It is on the verge of collapse now.  We want to reconstruct the church to accommodate the growing number of members of the congregation in this important tribal area.  The estimated cost of construction is about USD 10,000 (ten thousand USD)


This is another oldest congregation in another tribal area. The congregation does not have any church building and they gather in the house of the pastor/houses of the members.  The members of the church have not raised some donation and purchased a plot of land for the construction of a church building.
They need about USD 10,000 (USD ten thousand for construction).


This church was established in 1970 by one of the pioneers of the CoG7. This church has over 100 members who attend on the Sabbath from the local villages and surrounding hamlets. The present church building has become old and we want to reconstruct the church building to accommodate the growing number of members.  The local members have acquired some additional land next to the existing church building. They have also raised some funds for the construction.
 Still there is a deficit of US 5000 for completion of the construction of the new church building

  1. Motorcycles for our Pastors:

Our pastors do not have any travelling facility.  Each pastor covers 4-5 villages and travel by foot or local buses which is very tiring and time consuming. We have identified five young pastors (two of them are Area Coordinators) and want to encourage them to do more work in their present villages and also travel to new areas for evangelism and preaching the Doctrinal Beliefs of the CoG7. There is a severe threat from other Groups who are trying to infiltrate our churches by offering monetary incentives and trying to divide our churches. Hence, we want our young team of pastors to visit our churches and encourage the congregations spiritually by regular interaction.    Hence we want to provide motorcycle to our young team five pastors in the first phase. The estimated cost of each motorcycle is US $ 1000 (total cost 5 *1000= US $ 5000) 
Please pray and extend your generous support for the above.

Children’s Ministry:
We are planning to distribute 500 “Gift Boxes” for our Sabbath School children as well as “Slum/street children during this year.  We humbly request individual sponsors/churches to come forward and sponsor the free distribution of the gift boxes.  You can send the “Gift Boxes” through the “Samaritan’s Purse – Operation Christmas Child” or send us the necessary funds to enable us to procure the same directly by us.
Television Broadcast:
We want to expand our outreach by broadcasting in Christian Television channels which have come up in some of the states in India.  We need about US $ 1000.00 per month to pay the fees for the Television Channel. We request individuals/groups/Churches to come forward and sponsor this project in full or in part.  For example, we need ten individual sponsor who can help us with US 100.00 per month.


You may send the funds online directly to our Bank account number mentioned below:

Name of the Account Holder:  V. JACOB SUDHAKAR RAO
Bank Account Number:  30481358623
Name of the Bank:  State Bank of India,
Branch Code:  4275.
Swift Code:  SBININBB 214
Bank Address:  State Bank of India, 121-128,  Alluri Trade Complex,
Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.


We request the brethren in North America who wish to financially support the ministry in India, to continue to send their offerings to the COG7 Offices in Denver, Colorado, and earmark them for  the specific ministry, project or “General Funds for Ministry in India.”

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